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Inspiration Minimalist White Color Decor with Colors as Highlights

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Giving highlight in minimalist white color decor can be easily done by applying colorful color of furniture. It can be started by applying colorful color sofas in as furniture applied in the living room. You can combine black colored sofas with white color in the form of pillow and table without frame in the middle of sofas. You also can add red accent by applying red chair. To make this room more attractive, tan color rug can be used to cover the floor under the sofa. Plant planter and lamp are also needed to decorate the living room.

Vibrant interior design is not only designed using furniture, but you also can do it by applying multi-colored accessories hanging on the white wall. If do not have any idea about wall decoration on white wall, you can search minimalist decor blog to get an inspiration. It can be begun by applying frame picture or painting having colorful color hanging on the wall. It is only for one side of wall, but you also can apply it all sides of wall combined with big windows covered with white curtain. The other furniture such as wooden cabinet and hook for hanging helmet also can be applied in this room.

Moved to the dinning table design, the dinning chair of this house present colorful color in the form of cushion covered the seat surface. They are blue, light sea green and black. It is also found cactus shaped in the color of sienna and white put on the bench behind the dinning table. Contrast color is also offered by this house in the form of black color cabinet in the kitchen.

Colorful color design is also found in the bedroom by applying yellow color of blanket covered white bed and royal blue pillow. This bedroom is also designed with red color chair and picture frames hanging on the head of bed. Multi-colored design also found in front of the bedroom. Minimalist ideas of white colored decoration also can be used in the balcony and swimming pool.