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Finding a Suitable Lot for your Dream Home

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Everybody dreams of owning the house of his (or her) dreams. A house is not only a financial investment. Rather, it is an emotional investment, which may bring lasting happiness to your family.

However, before you can be involved in planning the elaborate and intricate details of building your dream house, you must first select the lot where you would love to put it up. Well, this may not be exciting enough but surely, it will be an extremely important preliminary in building that dream house!

To help you in selecting the best lot for your future dwelling place, here are some important factors for you to consider:

Bedrock – The type and depth of bedrock considerably affects the cost of building a house. So, if you still haven’t bought a lot yet, you may want to know the type of bedrock the property might be sitting on. If possible, know the depth of the bedrock and the types of rocks predominant in the area before even considering buying a particular lot. You can do this by examining other excavations in the area or by asking permission to do a soil auger test boring.

Nature’s Elements – The effects of the sun and the wind can greatly influence the heating and air conditioning costs of your future home. So it is advisable to know the prevailing wind and sun patterns in the area of your choice to make the best use of these elements.

Slope – At present, there is a rising trend of people wanting to build their homes on hilly land primarily because of the breathtaking views it offers. However, building on sloping land may also decrease the available area for other purposes. For example, if you are a true blue gardener and want to create a wonderful garden to indulge your passion, a sloping lot may not provide you with the space you need. It may also limit the area available for recreation and relaxation. As a general observation, flat sites provide for the maximum utilization of available space. You can have greater versatility and efficiency if you use these kinds of sites for your future home. An extremely steep slope, on the other hand, may cost you much in terms of constructing your ideal home. It may, however, present the unique opportunity and challenge to create something very special.

Soils – Soils play an important role in determining the type and size of foundations, drainage system and the vegetation it will support. Know what type of soil is predominant on your preferred site. It will give you an indication of what type of construction is required.

Size – Is the lot big enough to support your present and future needs? Can it accommodate other features or a proposed expansion when you feel the need for it? Will it be big enough to comply with the building code? Think about it.

Drainage – Avoid sites with drainage ways or ditches running through them. It may cost you a lot of hard-earned dollars just to keep water away from your house.

Zoning – Zoning regulations are implemented for a purpose. They are there to protect you, the individual property owner, against undesirable or unlawful usage of land, which may eventually pose hazards to your family’s health and safety. So, it would be a wise move to visit the agency responsible for implementing the zoning ordinances in the area you are planning to build your house on. Get acquainted with the projected usage of the areas in the vicinity of your desired site.

These are essentially the most important things to consider in choosing the ideal location for your new home. Take your time in choosing the best site that will suit you and your family best. Don’t rush. Remember, it’s the location of your future dream house.